Lost Legacy Cancel "In the name of Freedom Tour"


We regret to announce the cancellation of our tour. It is unfortunate but due to the worldwide pandemic, it's unrealistic to think it will be safe to go on as planned. It saddens us because this was to be the first leg of our tour supporting our newly released album "In the name of Freedom" Months went into planning, money and resources to make this tour a reality.

But we believe it is best at this time. Peoples health is much more important. Stay home and be safe!

You can support us by getting a copy of our new cd. Available at:


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 3-20-20   In the name of Freedom Released Worldwide

The new record "In the name of Freedom" has been released worldwide 3-20-20 by Pure Steel Records. This is the second cd by the Bronx New York Band and first with Pure Steel Records. The album was produced by Tom Tulotta at Coney Productions in Eastchester New York and the Executive Producer was Jorge Pulido, Guitarist for the band.

The album has eight tracks and the production was focused on having it sound as close as possible to what the band sounds at live shows. Its sharp, crisp and honest. You can get a hard copy of the cd at:


In the name of Freedom CD Art

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Band Comments on Album Release / Tour and Rescent Media Blitz


The last two weeks have been fast and furious for the band. Weve been blessed with having several media outlets report on the release of our new album "In the name of Freedom" with Pure Steel Records and our US Tour to support the new cd.  We have been getting requests for interviews and participate in live podcasts. It has been exciting to say the least.

We often get asked about the concept behind the new record and we want to tell our fans about the inspiration behind the lyrics.

Dave Franco: This record is a follow-up to our first self released cd The Aftermath. That record was inspired by the tragedy of 9-11-01. I personally lost friends and it was one of the worst events in our country. I wrote that album in honor of the lives lost and to thank the many heroes that gave everything to save lives on that sad day.

In the name of Freedom is a continuation Part II to our first record. This time we dedicate alot of the songs to the men and women of our armed forces that have been fighting wars as a consequence of the 9-11-01 attacks in our country. We want to make clear that we do not support wars, we believe that wars are ugly events and our only goal with our message is to honor our armed forces that are often forgotten about. As a band we have written close to 40 songs "weve been around since 1998" but these two records follow a theme. We have alot of new material that we have written to start working on our third release. In our future works, you will hear varied subjects that are of importance and interest to the band. This time around Jorge and Scotty jump in with their own lyrics and the music we are writting is absolutely killer!

Jorge Pulido: The band has evolved over the years and the sound is crisp and heavy. The songs have great melodies and harmonies and heavy riffs that will please metal heads. We really wanted to give the album a live feel. The band worked closely with Tom Tulotta, "Coney Productions" engineer and owner to have a really polished sound and still have the aggression we wanted to convey through our sound. With the exception of AJ, and he's a beast at his young age, we all have alot of years of experience and I believe that it paid off in the studio.

This is an honest representation of the sound of our band and we are very proud to be working with Pure Steel Records. We also, appreciate all our fans, friends and family that have supported us all these years. You are awesome!

Lost Legacy Announces 2020 US Tour

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Lost Legacy announces 2020 US Tour in support of their new Album "In the name of Freedom"

The band will be on tour with Whiplash, Flotsam and Jetsam and will be the direct support band for DORO. The band will be releasing their sophmore album and first with Pure Steel Records on March 20, 2020.  The band will have free meet and greets at their merchandise table to meet fans, take photos and sign merchandise.

4-25   Club Revolution, Amityville, NY supporting Whiplash

5-3     The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY supporting DORO *

5-4     Sellersville Theatre, Sellersville, PA supporting DORO *

5-6     The Winchester, Cleveland, OH supporting DORO *

5-7     Reggies Chicago, IL supporting DORO *

5-11   Dingbatz Clifton, NJ supporting Flotsam and Jetsam

* Denotes direct support band.


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05.02.2020Release News

The release date of the of the new album "In The Name Of Freedom“ by the US-Metal Band LOST LEGACY on CD is March 20th, 2020. The pre-order phase will start on March 6th, 2020 in our webshop.

LOST LEGACY hails from The Bronx in New York City, and have rocked their fans for over two decades. Following their self-released album “The Aftermath”, they are welcomed at PURE STEEL with their second work "In The Name Of Freedom".

Lost Legacy plays classic Power Metal, similar to the likes of METAL CHURCH and VICIOUS RUMORS. The band recently opened for METAL CHURCH 2019 in a U.S. tour. The band has two guitarists, Jorge Pulido and Scott Bennett, a bass player Jochen Wittlinger, drummer AJ Spinelli and an amazing singer David Franco. His extraordinary vocals are bringing LOST LEGACY above many other bands in the that genre.

This latest release from these US metalers, delivers classic metal with a fantastic twin guitar assault that blends heavy melodic riffs, intellectual musicianship and a superb singer.

Pzychopart - https://www.facebook.com/Pzychopart/

1. Rise To Glory
2. My Faith
3. Front Line
4. In The Name Of Freedom
5. Take Me Away
6. Enough Is Enough
7. Will You Remember
8. Rules Of Engagement
Total Playing Time: 45:51 min

Los Legacy Signs Worldwide Deal with Pure Steel Records.

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13.08.2019Artist News

When one thinks of this famed New York based borough, some the greatest entertainers and rock personalities come to mind such as Bobby Darin, Eydie, Anthrax, Gorme, Joey Kramer (Aerosmith) and Ace Frehley (KISS). Well, now, you can add LOST LEGACY to the prestigious list.

PURE STEEL RECORDS are proud to announce the worldwide signing of LOST LEGACY to our roster of Artists.

LOST LEGACY was founded in 1998 in, as mentioned, the Bronx, New York. They are a Power Metal band that are known for playing melodic music with an attitude. Combining lyrical stories that are based on real life situations with positive and uplifting messages. The band builds on the classic sounds of Power Metal with a modernistic take. 

Recently, the band completed a successful tour in support of Metal Church and performed four sold out venues during the month of May 2019. The trek took the band to New York City, NY, Baltimore, MD, Pittsburgh, PA and Minneapolis, MN.

The band has finished recording their new album titled "In the Name of Freedom". An official date will soon be announced.

"LOST LEGACY are proud to be part of the Pure Steel Records® family. As a Power Metal Band, we had no interest in signing with labels that did not live and breathe Metal. The label has a tradition of promoting heavy metal throughout the world. We have been following the label for a while and wanted to partner with them to launch our new record "In The name of Freedom". The label has bands that we respect and thought this would be a great opportunity for us to bring our music to metal heads around the world".


Lost Legacy Completes succesful tour with Metal Church

Lost Legacy completed a four show tour in support of Metal Church during May 2019. The band played to sold out shows in each of the venues played in New York, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Minneapolis. Lost Legacy received two outstanding reviews of their performances in Pittsburg and Minneapolis from Metalnexux.net and Firstangelmedia.com

Check ut the reviews in our Press section of the website.

New Album Mixed and Mastered

New Album 

Our new record  "In the Name of Freedom" is in the can. We are in the process of shopping the record  to a label and have a couple of leads that are solid. We hope to get this closed out soon. If we do not get a label deal, we will be releasing the record on our own later this summer or fall. 2019. We promise it's worth the wait. The songs are well written. The music is well executed and the engineering on this record is superb.

Stay tuned.

CD Cover "In the name of Freedom"

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Latest News


Lost Legacy in the studio recording their new album "In the name of Freedom"

Lost Legacy is in the studio recording the follow up to their first cd "The Aftermath" the new album titled "In the name of Freedom" is currently in production and should be released late summer 2018. The album features heartfelt lyrics and powerful music that promises to deliver their very best effort. Loaded with great vocal and a twin lead guitar attack this album will have a big sound with great production.

The album is being recorded mixed and mastered at Coney Productions in Eastchester NY, by Tommy Tulotta. Stay tuned for more news as the band getsready to release the first single and the entire cd.